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Blog author, writer, and chief wrangler, Marcus Lindley

Hi, I’m Marcus.

Welcome to my website: Best of Web Traffic.

Believe it or not, that’s not just a catchy name. You see, one of my pet peeves in Internet Marketing is that folks are so busy cranking out “quality content” that they often forget all about some of the older things they’ve written.

Don’t believe it?

Try this: go to your favorite internet marketing blog and start reading any random post from 2-3 years ago. It won’t be long before you begin coming across information that you realize has now changed, been addressed by new technology, or is just flat out not doable today.

I’ve been in internet marketing for over 15 years, so I’ve seen firsthand the popular trends (remember article marketing or the infamous B.U.M marketing?) which lasted a few years and then became obsolete. Heck, I still remember when keyword research involved one or two desktop-only applications!

There are some marketing strategies which you’ve probably come across that you might question. What about personal blog networks? They’re still around, but do they work? Is banner advertising worth it anymore? What about good ol’ pay-per-click? Should you sneak over to the dark side and dabble in black-hat marketing instead?

It’s not good enough to just “do what everyone else is doing” in marketing anymore. Why?

Because you don’t have time to learn, unlearn, test, re-test – and then end up missing the boat entirely by focusing on the wrong things.

So that’s why you’re here, and that’s why I want to provide. Honest, actionable, and effective web traffic strategies that are not unethical, poorly conceived, or complete time-wasters.

Oh, and no outdated stuff. It will be reviewed, up-dated, or trashed. Why keep it around if it doesn’t work, right?

Hey thanks for reading this far, but I hope you’ll soon discover that I aim to provide the very thing that I was in search of for so long: a place to find results.

Go ahead and get started learning and doing today!

Marcus Lindley

Lethbridge, AB, Canada


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