targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?

Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?

Tumblr is a nexus of millions of user-generated individualized web sites. It’s a bit like a blogging platform, and also a social networking site, so it’s an ideal way to generate traffic.

Not only can you create your own full blown successful blog, but you can also share pictures, infographics, videos and courses… all from the same platform.

When someone decides to become a subscriber, that content then shows up in the subscriber’s Dashboard, much like Facebook allows ‘friends’ to view content on their wall.

In Tumblr you can give “notes” to other users in different ways, such as re-blogging their content, “liking” their content, leaving a photo reply, or simply leaving a reply to their content.

Tumblr also has the unique feature of allowing users to post their content simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There are many beginner articles online for how to join and begin your Tumblr journey, which is really beyond the scope of this article. A simple Google search for “What is Tumblr?” will reveal several simple results to get you started.

Driving Targeted Traffic Using Tumblr

Getting followers on Tumblr is really not hard, but it does take work. That might seem like a contradiction, but when you think about it, it actually makes sense.

You see there are certain stages that you must go through in order to gain popularity on Tumblr. The stages themselves are not difficult to achieve, but there is a certain amount of work that goes into each one.

Much like using some of the other social media platforms to drive traffic to your sites, such as Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram – Tumblr is a very powerful traffic generator, but only if you play by the rules.

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As far as being a social platform goes, Tumblr is more like Pinterest in that it’s content driven, and for that reason is also the perfect place for content curation. Yes, Pinterest does tend to display many more images, but those images are actually closer to “content” in the traditional sense.

Unlike Instagram, which is literally a personal photo platform, Tumblr has a very broad spectrum of content types. Memes tend to flourish on Tumblr, along with personal art, gif’s and, yes, even full blown blogs.

targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?
Tumblr is geared toward the creatively minded

It’s really geared toward the creatively minded crowd – and that is a large crowd indeed. For this reason, your approach to driving traffic on Tumblr needs to be cautious. Creative minds and sales driven minds tend not to mix well on Tumblr.

Quick Tips for Quick Tumblr Traffic

If you’re looking to be a long term success on Tumblr, you are going to have to bring out your creative side. Don’t worry if you feel you’re not the creative type – because your “creativity” really only needs to be a one-time-only affair.

Your “blog” space on Tumblr – the place where you share all your content from – is where you need to expend your energy.

If you are a creative person, look to spend some time crafting a background theme, header image, and appealing colour scheme for your blog.

If you are not a creative person, you may need to find someone on Fiverr or a similar site to do this for you.

Besides the obvious reason for having an appealing blog on Tumblr, there is another reason for spending time on your blog’s image.

You are going to ask for “blog rates” from other popular bloggers.

This involves you finding other popular blogs on Tumblr, connecting with them, and then asking them for a “blog rate” which is akin to asking people “hey, would you rate my blog for me?

The reason this works is because a) the question and the response are public, and are displayed openly on that blog; and b) when you blog gets rated highly on another popular blog, you’ll instantly get a large following of people coming to check out your blog.

targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?
Getting someone to rate your blog is sort of like getting a “shout out” to your blog

Tumblr does not have an open format for displaying how many followers a blog has, so you may need to search it out by using the “search” function on their blog and typing in “followers” when you are on their page.

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You can then just click the “Ask a Question” button and input a simple question like “Would you like to rate my blog?” When that blog owner answers, then all of his/her followers who are online at the moment will also see that message. 

You can imagine that when a popular blog has thousands of followers, there will be a huge number of those followers that will see that response in realtime. And some of those will see your question, go check out your blog, and become your follower.

If you repeat this four or five times a day, your following will grow quickly.

Strategic Steps for Long-Term Traffic

The previous tips are great for getting a quick hit of traffic and followers to your Tumblr blog.

But you are going to want to have a long-term plan in place so that your not having to actively drive traffic via blog rates everyday.

Narrow Your Niche

Like most of online marketing, having a specific targeted group is the key to success. Tumblr is no exception. You need to make sure that your target audience is not so broad that you’re casting a wide net in an ocean of Tumblr users.

Have a specific group of people in mind before you begin.

Again, this is probably not new to most internet marketers, but it bears emphasizing at the start. If you’re trying to get “anyone” to come to your blog, “anyone” will come – and they will do “nothing” for you.

Follow the Popular Ones

If you’ve done any marketing on Twitter, then this will be familiar to you. You need to search out and follow the big popular accounts on Tumblr.

And, again similar to Twitter, you want to start re-blogging the top content from these popular accounts.

Beware though, that this is not a case where automation will help much. Remember, you are re-blogging (i.e. curating content) for the sake of your followers and to try and gain other followers.

This is going to take some discerning and interpretation on your part. Blindly re-blogging related content will immediately flag you as a spammer in most people’s eyes, and you will hurt your own efforts.

When you’re starting out, try to follow around 50 to 100 popular blogs right away, and begin using the search tool to uncover great content to re-blog for your site.

Fill Your Queue

To build up a constant following on Tumblr, your going to have to post several times a day. Although not as often as Twitter (which can be upwards of 8 to 10 times per hour on the really big accounts), you will want to be posting at least 3 to 5 times per day until you hit around 1,000 followers.

To accomplish this, make good use of the Queue tool. With it, you can schedule your postings and automatically publish multiple times per day, which is excellent for re-blogging content.

Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Whether you’re sharing your own content or re-blogging someone else’s, you absolutely need to use hashtags.

Using related and popular hashtags is a must. Even with a large following and plenty of re-blogs, you need to include hashtags so that other people can search and find your content.

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You can find popular and trending hashtags for Tumblr by checking out There you’ll find the top ten Tumblr hashtags, 20 related hashtags, tags that work well with Instagram and Tumblr, and the top recommended hashtags for Tumblr.

That’s a lot of powerful information right at your fingertips!

Do the Boring Stuff Too

The final three tips really apply to all internet marketing, but can’t be neglected either.

targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?
The “boring” stuff is just as important as the “flashy” stuff for Tumblr

Use a call to action. You don’t want to hijack other people’s content just to push your own links, but what you can do is ask people to re-blog or check out your own posts too.

Asking your followers to do something, even if it’s as simple as checking out your main site or other social media accounts goes a long way to building long term traffic.

Link to your Tumblr blog. You have other social media accounts, so don’t be shy about sharing your Tumblr blog. It’s no secret that when you have multiple ways of connecting with people, those same people see you as trustworthy.

Use the “Fanmail” feature. Like all other social media, this is Tumblr’s personal messaging feature. And like other social media platforms, personal messaging is best saved for true one-on-one interactions, rather than a tool to blast your links to.

Tumblr is a unique, fantastic platform to drive targeted traffic from. You will need to pull out the creativity a bit, but once you have your personal brand nailed down, getting targeted traffic from Tumblr the right way is not that difficult.


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targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?
targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?
targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?
targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?
targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?
targeted traffic, Are You Neglecting Targeted Traffic From Tumblr?


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