generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages

How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages

What is HubPages, Anyway?

HubPages is a website that contains lots of pages – or hubs – that have been created by ‘hubbers.’ That’s the name given to members of the site, which you can join for free. HubPages is a great place to get free advertising. You never have to pay for anything here, and some hubs can generate very good traffic if you put some work into them.

The good news is that you can write about practically anything you like. What that means for you is that there are lots of ways that you can generate traffic and make money from HubPages.

What Makes a Great Hub?

If you know the answer to this, you’ll find it much easier to create great hubs that are enjoyed by lots of other people. And the answer isn’t a huge secret either!

The basis of each and every hub is information. Some hubs are created purely for enjoyment by their creators. For our purposes, we want to know how to create a good hub that will drive targeted traffic and also make us money.

A common mistake that many people make is to start trying to pitch their offers the minute they create a hub. It sounds backwards I know, but if you start promoting something right from the start, you will turn people off.

You might also get booted off the site for abusing it, so make sure you don’t just jump in and start trying to sell right away. Understand what you can and can’t do before you get started.

Your number one goal should always be to help people. In fact, don’t even think of your intended audience as potential customers at all! First figure out what your readers want to know about and make sure you give it to them. Only after you’ve provided high quality content can you think about putting your affiliate link in to start a sales funnel.

HubPages can be an excellent way to generate fast web traffic to your site… but only when you play by their rules… Click To Tweet

The very best hubs are well written and well organized. As you browse around the main site, you’ll see that a good number of hubs have sub-headings in them. This helps guide the reader’s eye down the page and also makes the content easier and more enjoyable to read. The same is true for bullet points and similar ways of breaking up your content.

Why You Want a Fan Base

If you look at any hub on HubPages, you’ll notice that the author has an info box on the right hand side of their page. This tells you what their score is (i.e. how popular they are), how many hubs they have made, and most importantly, how many fans they have.

You only really need to do one thing to build an active fan base of your own on HubPages and that’s to build great hubs on a regular basis. The more hubs you can build, the better, but even one or two a week will start to get your name known throughout the site.

generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages
Having a huge fan base is the key to success on HubPages

Additionally, once someone becomes your fan, they can receive email notifications every time you publish a new hub. This is a similar feature to that is pure gold. It means more instant traffic for you and an even higher chance of making money.

Advanced Marketing on HubPages

The following is by far the easiest way to generate traffic and make money with HubPages. If you want to go way beyond what eBay and Amazon can offer you, then you can do so by using this method.

People use HubPages in many different ways. Some people promote their businesses. Some people promote affiliate products, earning a commission with each sale. 

And others offer freebies (i.e. lead magnets in email marketing circles) in the hope of building an email list to market items to later on.

All of these methods are perfectly okay to use – as long as you do each in the proper way. Let’s take each method in turn to see how they work best on HubPages.

Generate Traffic to Your Main Business

This is a way of making money indirectly from the website. Let’s say for instance that you have a proven online business as a graphic designer and you want to branch out to find new clients.

What you would do is create a list of graphic designer article ideas that you can use as hubs. Each hub is basically one article, so you could come up with dozens of ideas. Each article would focus on a particular component of graphic design as it would appeal to your potential audience.

When you use themed "hubs" on HubPages, you can drive a lot of responsive – and targeted – visitors back to your own website Click To Tweet

Then you would begin by writing useful, informative, and helpful articles on each subject and publish them on HubPages. But before you actually publish them, you need to add one text module at the end of the hub. You’ll find this module under the heading in the edit screen beginning with the phrase ‘Add More Stuff.’

This text capsule should say something like:

[Your name] is a professional graphic designer specializing in [insert relevant category]. You can visit his/her website at [your website address].

You’ve seen this method used many times before in the once famous article directories, and now on EzineArticles.  They do this because it’s very effective for backlinks and web traffic. For a full outline on link building, be sure to read “7 Easy Steps to Master Link Building” as well.

If your article is good enough, you’ll receive quite a few readers that click through to your website. Lots of people who have online businesses get more business in this exact way. HubPages doesn’t actually earn you money in the proper sense – but it can win you lots of highly targeted traffic that you can add to your list and sell to.

The crucial element here is not to try to sell on the hub itself. HubPages is not like other social media platforms, so you can’t push yourself onto your readers or they’ll be immediately put off. 

Give them valuable and thoughtful content before you tell them what you do. Notice that even in the example given above, you aren’t directly marketing to your readers. You’re merely telling them what you do and where they can find you.

generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages
Valuable content creation is hard work, but in the end there’s nothing like it

Another thing to remember is that you won’t necessarily get a spectacular response from just one hub. Regular efforts really payoff here, and you’ll learn how to promote yourself appropriately as you publish more hubs.

Promoting Affiliate Products

You don’t actually need a product or a service of your own to generate traffic or make money on HubPages either. All you need is some basic knowledge about a product or service that you can focus on and eventually promote.

There are two main sources of these products, although you may well find more in other places as you become more knowledgeable about your niche subject.

The first source is called Commission Junction. Commission Junction is a huge website that consolidates hundreds of affiliate programs from hundreds of companies. It’s free to join; you then pick out which programs you want to sign up for. Once a company accepts you, you simply have to get the affiliate links that they provide for you and incorporate them into your hubs.

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In order to really be effective at this, you need to first think of a subject you have an interest in. Let’s say for instance that you like to go fishing. Now you write a hub about a particular element of fishing and then finish the hub off by adding your affiliate link to a related product that you found on Commission Junction.

Ideally, you’ll want to narrow down the topic of your hub so that it relates adequately to the product you’re featuring. So for example, you could write about the most popular fishing rods and why they are or aren’t worth buying, and then link to the best one at the bottom of your hub.

Again, don’t try to make  hard sell at this point. Just say something like, ‘For more information on one of the best fishing rods available today, visit [link] for more details.’ Experiment with the text and see what gets you the best results.

There’s no limit to the amount of hubs you can have or the number of products you can promote. It is recommended however to begin with items that you actually know something about or have an interest in.

Giving Away Freebies to Build Your List

This is another approach you can use to boost an existing business – or even a business you’re just thinking of starting.

The idea here is to develop hubs on topics that are related to free items that you have available to give away. The best type of item to give away is a downloadable one, since it is the most hands-off form of giveaway you can have. 

generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages
“Lead magnets” are items you give away for free in order to entice people to sign up to your list

Once you have your autoresponder set up, your prospects are free to join your email list to request their free report, eBook, or whatever it is you are offering, and receive it – all without you having to do anything. You basically can just watch your email list grow for future marketing – and of course, you’ll have plenty of time to continue building new hubs too!

It’s essential to keep in mind that when you make your hubs, that you build them in the right way. 

Let’s say you have a free report about making money by selling items in online auctions. You don’t want to tell your readers that you even have a report until the very end of the hub. If you try to turn your hub into a selling point for the report, you may end up offending people as it is too promotional.

Remember that each hub must be useful and helpful in it’s own right before you put your link affiliate link in.

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In the above example, your best bet would be to write an assortment of different hubs, all addressing some aspect of selling successfully through auctions. There are dozens of possibilities here; you could write individual hubs giving guidance on selling different categories of items, for example.

Then simply mention that if the reader goes to your website, they can get a free report on making money with auctions in that very way. See how it works?

In this way you’re using HubPages to help you create a mailing list and it will be that same mailing list that will make you money later on. 

So don’t think of HubPages as being a platform that you can directly make money from. If you use these advanced methods to tap into its benefits, you’ll see that you really can generate traffic, boost your content marketing reach and make money from HubPages very quickly.


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generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages
generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages
generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages
generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages
generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages
generate traffic, How to Generate Traffic Fast Using HubPages


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